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It can take a long time to see Malaysia and find all its notable corners. However, it is a country that is rich in natural parks and reservoirs, monuments and religious buildings, charming islands with a unique underwater world. Today, Malaysia, whose focus is located in different parts of the state, is able to provide travellers with all the necessary conditions for an unforgettable holiday. And because you only have positive feedback from this country, I have decided that you choose the most notable places that you enjoy spending your time.

Clem Karst Geoforest Park National Park

Malaysia has wonderful visiting places and parks. These parks are very enchanting for the visitors and every visitor loves to see these places in his life again and again. If you don’t know what to see in Malaysia, then feel free to go to Kilim Karst Geoforest Park National Park. Here you will find an interesting motorboat trip, during which you will get to know the picturesque nature and the locals. Usually, the tour takes you through caves, lions and mangrove forests.  There is a fish farm in the reserve, where tourists are fed and given the opportunity to see rare species of fish. So, among the locals you will find a lemon shark and a miser, and if you walk a little further from the field, you can not only admire the swordsmen and the hairy fish, but also hold them in your hands. ۔ And the fun doesn’t end there – you have to feed the red and white eagle on the water. 

Some travelers freely explore the park’s open spaces, others book tours. The cost of the trip will depend on the agency where you buy the services: in some offices you will be paid $ 23, in others 45 45 per person. 

Sipadan National Park 

Another very popular attraction in Malaysia where you can take original photos is Sepadan National Park. The facility is located on a volcanic island surrounded by deep water, which is considered to be the best in the world for divers. It is home to a very rare species of animal that you will not find in similar areas of the state. Immersed in the underwater world, you can see leopard sharks, octopuses, stingrays, stingrays, glass crabs, giants and other representatives of marine life’s service of the beautiful mountain scenery of the state militia.

Anime merchandise stores in Malaysia

Another worth seeing places for kids are the best anime stores in Malaysia. Anime merchandise stores are big attractions for kids because children love cartoon movies and anime merchandise of their favourite cartoons fascinate them and attract them. Malaysia, in almost every big city, has wonderful anime merchandise stores. The anime merchandise stores may be extremely adorable visiting places for the kids. So if you have kids and want them to visit the best places then Malaysia anime merchandise shops are excellent places to visit. Here you can buy the best anime merchandise in Malaysia.

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