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medicine for fatty liver

Self-care is really important for our well-being especially mentally. I mean after spending a whole day working or studying you will want to go home and lounge in your pajamas and watch your favorite show without any distraction. That sounds like the best way to end your hectic day if you are someone that loves to watch Kdramas or someone that might be interested to watch Kdramas this list will tell you what show you need to watch ASAP!  From sappy romance to thriller and history, we got it all cover for you. 

medicine for fatty liver

Reply 1988 

If you want to watch something light about friendship, family and first love maybe this drama will suit your taste. It tells the story of 5 childhood best friends and their lives and struggles they face to becoming an adult. This is one of those stories where you can relate your life to one of the characters. It shows you real-life struggles and problems that we occasionally face and also the sweetness of friendships. This Kdrama is definitely a must-watch if you are a newbie to Kdramas. 

Hospital Playlist 

Need something funny but also heart-warming? This Kdrama got it all! A story about 5 friends that are specialist doctors and how they handle different cases every day. This drama will make you laugh until your stomach cramps but it will also make you cry until your eyes are swollen. This is the type of Kdrama that you would want to watch after a hectic day, it is very light and easy to understand. Maybe this Kdrama will find the medicine for fatty liver? That is how unexpected this show is. 

Sky Castle 

Frustration and Angry! That is what you will constantly feel when watching this Kdrama. A story of 4 mothers in an elite neighborhood and how they would do anything for their children’s education. By anything, I mean anything. This Kdrama even brought the whole nation of Korea to frustration. They definitely managed to portray the strictness of education in Korea and how it would affect the young generation. 

Crash Landing On You 

You are a sucker for cliche and sappy romance! Basically, you are a hopeless romantic and you want the male antagonist to do whatever for their lover. You will literally be giggling and rolling on the floor while watching this Kdrama. A forbidden love between South Korean and North Korean. God, even that sounds romantic! There are no words to explain this drama except romance and sacrifice. 

Hi-Bye Mama

Kdrama is known to be sad and will make you cry for hours. This show will definitely do that to you. Every single episode you watch will make you cry and you will still continue to watch it because you need to know how it’ll end. This is a very heart-warming and touching story about a mother and her daughter. Definitely, a show to watch with your whole family! 

There are many more K-dramas that you can binge-watch if you are not someone that likes romance you can watch other genres of Kdrama. Find the one that will suit your preference.