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Stress is the number one killer of our productivity and mood. Sometimes we need something a little extra to kill the stress. The little extraness could be a glass of wine, a hang out with friends, or even a movie night with your spouse or on your own. 

A movie night, especially Bollywood movie nights go a long way in fixing our stress. When we are not in the mood to dress up or to hang out with our friends, a Bollywood movie night is the perfect fix. What’s a home without some laughter and relaxation from an old movie? Especially in the big home adorned with the best operable glass partition Malaysia has to offer. So what are some of the old rehashing Bollywood movies we can watch to have a lazy night?

Before popping on the movie, get all of your popcorn, the pizza, and the sodas ready for the big Bollywood movie night.

Om Shanti Om 

An aspiring actor dying for a break into the world of Bollywood falls in love with actress Shantipriya, during the year 1970s. He was an exceptional man in the neighborhood bringing a smile to everyone’s face. So his love for Shantipriya was met with much support from his best friend and also his mom. His hopes of becoming Shantipriya’s lover seem to be coming true when he starts a budding friendship with her. But to his dismay, she was already secretly married to the Film producer, Mukesh Mehra.  Her husband seemed to be a very nice man but his tune changed when he was met with financial loss. When he found out Shantiproya was pregnant with his child, he lured her into the film shooting set and set it on fire, all in the hopes of protecting his career. Om, who witnessed all of this died along with Shantipriya in the set while trying to save her. The story follows, the resurrection of the two individuals in the near future and when his memory of his past life came back. 

Yeh Jawaani Hei Diwaani 

This was a heartfelt story of two childhood classmates. Naina and Kabir grew up together but never had many affiliations with each other. Naina is your typical good girl while Kabir is an adventurous soul. Kabir has two best friends who had an equally adventurous spirit and when Naina met one of these she got the chance to go on a trip and break out of her comfort zone. Naina and Kabir bond during the trekking trip and she falls in love with him. But before she could tell her feelings, Kabir left India for his dreams and aspirations. Watch this movie to witness the impact of how the little decisions we take can change the entire course of life. It also shows the importance of being able to take second chances. Naina would have never Kabir if she never took the opportunity to break out of her comfort zone.

And Kabir would have never realized his loneliness until he separated himself from his loved ones. But ofcourse, his dreams were also important but he needed to find a balance between his dreams and his love. 

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