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Broadband does not refer to a type of Internet connection but refers to all those that are capable of offering a high connection speed.

What is broadband?

Broadband is a term used in the world of telecommunications that refers to any network that has the ability to transmit data at high speeds.

Thus, broadband does not refer to a single Internet connection method but can be applied to the vast majority of connection types currently used in our country.

Fiber optic broadband

The fiber is the broadband system with more future of those it has today because it has a network that is constantly expanding.

In addition, within the high broadband speeds, that of fiber optics is the fastest by far.

Currently, companies such as 300mbps Unifi manage to offer connections with a real speed of 300MB.

ADSL broadband

If fiber optics is the future of Internet connections, ADSL is increasingly the past of them, since it has a series of limitations that make users opt for other connection methods.

Its limited speeds up to 20MB and connection problems derived from the use of the telephone line are its main enemies.

However, for now, it has a great ally: its price. The monthly cost of ADSL rates is significantly lower than that of other connections in the telecommunications market.

4G broadband

It is the newest of the broadband connection options since it draws on the 4G mobile network to offer service to homes.

Its main advantages are its mobility, since you can take it anywhere, and its speed, in many cases higher than what you would get with an ADSL connection.

Against this service, you can find its download data limit and its cost, still above the rest in relation to the service it offers.