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Dr. Clo Covid 19

This year has definitely been weird and hard for everyone. Due to the pandemic, we no longer can live our normal life like hanging out at the cafe, hug people that we loved, and travel around the world. We stayed home for most of the day and even when we go out it is crucial for us to wear a face mask. Carrying a hand sanitizer is what everybody will bring when they go outside and that is why you need to have Dr.Clo Covid 19 disinfectant stick to kill all of the germs and viruses. 

Dr. Clo Covid 19

Just because we are staying home, it doesn’t mean that we can be a couch potato and sleeps around. It is still important to be healthy and stay in shape. Despite, not being able to go to the gym or your park, you still can stay or get in shape. Here are some ways that you can do to stay in shape during a lockdown.

Healthy food 

We are what we eat, the most important step to stay in shape and stay healthy is by eating healthy food. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat good food, there are many delicious and easy recipes for you to do by yourself. You can just simply look for recipes online and there will be tons of easy recipes that you can follow. Having a healthy diet can help you to stay in shape and it will also give you the energy to work out. If you are looking to lose weight, eating in a calorie deficit is the way to go. Fill up your plate with lots of greens and protein for you to stay full longer. 

Fitness program 

Just because the gym is close, doesn’t mean you cannot join a fitness program. With the help of technology, a lot of fitness programs are being handled online through platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and others. You can sign up to follow all of the classes for this program. Having a group of people that exercise together can motivate you and you will be less lonely while exercising. 


If you don’t want to sign up for a fitness program but you still want guidance while exercising you can just simply look for exercise videos on Youtube. There are many fitness instructors that make exercise videos that you can just easily follow. Some of the well-known fitness instructors are Chloe Ting and Blogilates. You can choose what types of workouts and which area of the body you would like to do for that day. All you need is your yoga mat and good wifi, and you are good to go. 


While staying in shape is important, it is also important to keep your mind sane. During this pandemic, things can go unexpected so we need to keep a positive mindset. Invest a good 10 to 20 minutes a day to meditate and let your inner self-calm.

These are just some tips that you can do to stay in shape and be healthy, the most important thing for you is to stay healthy and reach out for help. After all, we are in this together.