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Sex as a couple is an activity that includes a myriad of benefits that improve the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health of both. Both vaginal sex and games during an intimate relationship and, in some cases, anal sex are essential resources for fun as a couple. Many of them love to use sex or erotic toys (dildos, dildos, vibrators, plugs, Chinese balls, rings, extenders, covers, among others) since they can obtain greater stimulation, increased libido, and a good experience. You can 得到性玩具 online.

What Are Dildos And How Are They Used

A dildo is a sexual device whose function is to perform masturbation and personal satisfaction in the vagina or anus. Likewise, it is usually used for the different types of games performed as a couple, and they contribute to the excitement and stimulation of sexual activity.

It serves as a vaginal and anal dilator that stimulates the G-spot, prostate, clitoris, legs, breasts, and buttocks. Besides, it relaxes the muscles, excites the area instantly, dilates without pain, and increases pleasure.

Plugs And Dildos For Anal Sex

Before anal sex, experts suggest that you massage, stimulate, and lubricate the anal area. This is with the intention of avoiding pain and discomfort when starting the activity as a couple. Plugs and dildos are the most recommended types of dildos for stimulating the anus, as they make up the subcategory of dildos designed to be used in the vaginal and/or anal area.

Anal Plugs

The anal plug is an exclusive dilator to be inserted in the anal area that guarantees sexual pleasure for men and women. The shape of the anal plug is ideal to facilitate penetration because it has a thin tip that dilates the anus. As it is introduced into the anus, the anal area relaxes and begins to open due to the widening of the dilator.

All couples who want to practice anal sex with maximum safety and without pain can opt for an anal plug. The experience is quite pleasant and comfortable while applying a lubricant or oil that prevents chafing.

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