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Travelling has no end. We can travel to every corner of the world and still discover new places to go to.

It is like an endless maze,e except that is filled with experiences and cultures that you never ever dreamed of. Learning new things and languages is a romantic quest that seems unreal. But with travel it is possible. Travel also opens our doors to the most gorgeous homes and hotels. From lakeside views to mountain top homes and mud homes, we have endless options. 

Designers all over the world, including those in the best interior designer company in Malaysia, need to travel to stay inspired. Travel ignites creativity, art, fashion, and freedom. On that beautiful note, here is a list of countries that are home to the world’s most gorgeous views and beautifully designed hotels and Airbnb. 

  • Turkey 

From the idyllic towns of Kas to the city of Istanbul, the country is a melting pot of beautiful homes and hotels. Every view a sight to behold. Every piece of furniture has a piece of culture in them. Turkey still tops on top countries that everyone must visit, and all for good reasons. This country is home to gastronomical adventures, beautiful landscapes, and one of the world’s most beautiful mosques and churches. 

  • Indonesia 

Indonesia is all over social media. More specifically, Bali is over on our social media. People are more likely to travel to a country if they constantly see it on social media. Indonesia is no stranger to the internet world now. An affordable country with the most amazing views, it is also a place with amazing homes to stay. From treehouses to bamboo rooms, Indonesia will give you a glimpse of paradise. 

  • Japan 

Visiting Japan is a trip to the future. From neon lights to tech-savvy hotels, it is a wonder to explore. Though, Japan is more than its fancy technological inventions and robots. They are full of rich culture and amazing history as well. You will not be bored with their magnificently made temples and shrines. They will inspire you and move you to learn more. 

  • Greece 

When we say Greece, we imagine the white cubiform houses, amazing sunsets, clear blue waters, and red and black lava pebbles. Greece is more than the Santorini sunsets. It is also home to architectural marvels such as temples made for their gods. They are carefully made, with attention to very intricate details, symmetry, and aesthetics.

  • Italy 

This breathtaking country is home to renowned designers, painters, and architects. Roam around the idyllic countryside of Italy to the magnificent Milan and cinque Terre of Italy for your ultimate bucket list. Italy has everything. From mind-blowing coastal line, rugged homes, wonderful Mediterranean seafood, and centuries-old villages.

  • Morocco 

Home to palaces, spice markets, Jeweled up homes, walled cities, and UNESCO heritage sites, the country is simply astonishing. The country is every designer’s dream. It has Chefchaoun, the blue walled city that hosts every shade of blue known to man, and Islamic architectural wonders that are covered in the most beautiful and intricate mosaics and columns.  Stay in a riad and get your artistic spirit going in the palace like home. 

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