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frame structure machining johor

Metals have been with us for a very long time. But it has never been as popular as it has been in today’s world. Our use of metal makes it impossible for humans to ever exist without it. Ever since humans discovered the very distinctive properties of metals such as malleability, ductility, electrical conductivity,  heat conductivity, high density, high strength, and high melting points make it incredibly versatile. With the newly discovered features, the potential metal has was unbelievable. People started using it for practical purposes from cooking to making ovens, refrigerators, building air conditioners, power plants and the list goes on. In the earliest day, we may have used it for simple pot and a metallic sword, today, metallic fabrications have opened millions of doors for metal use. 

Various technology is used to make different types of elements into different uses and products. For instance, frame structure machining johor is used to wire up, form building structures to creating magnificent results in metal fabrications. Now let’s talk about different uses of popular metals in our life. 

frame structure machining johor

The World’s Oldest Metal

A metal that has been used since the very ancient time and is still relevant in our life now is copper. Copper is known for its ability to conduct electricity and heat so well. COpper is seen in so many various applications for our daily life. If you cut open a cable in your home and you see small wiring coming out, that is copper. Copper is extremely resistant to corrosion hence it makes perfect sense to use in electrical gadgets and conducting cables. Your rice cooker is probably also wired and built with copper because we all need a metal that is durable, versatile, and excels and conducting both heat and electricity. 

The Shining Element In Your Car 

We may not hear a lot about this fancy metal but this is also another common metal that is used in our everyday life. We may know this metal in so many different names because of its mixture with other metals such as aluminum. They are the perfect metal to make something even stronger and sturdier. They are also used in the making of alloys like stainless steel. It is called iron.  We are not talking about the iron in our body but the iron that is commonly used in car parts, irons, refrigerators, and major electrical gadgets in the home. You can bt if a metallic product is looking strong and sturdy, then it does have a hint of iron mixed in there. 

The Most Common

We cannot simply finish up the list without talking about aluminum. Aluminum exists everywhere including our kitchen drawers. It is used in the hairstylist room to the oven where we roast the chicken, But aluminum has bigger use than just being the perfect cooking aid. Without aluminum, there will be no aircraft, powerlines, and trains. Because of their strength and conductivity, they are commonly used in major industries for major appliances.