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If you own a building and are interested in extending the life of your roof covering, then the information below is for you.

The service life of modern real estate objects under normal operating conditions is at least a hundred years. During this time, several major overhauls are often carried out, including a complete change of roofing, as well as replacement and / or repair of other roof elements.

Naturally, the fewer repairs will be carried out during this time, the more efficient the operation will be from the financial point of view. The period between roof overhauls can be called its service life. Ideally, this period should be no less than the service life of the roofing itself (from 15 to 35 years).

Let’s find out what the real life of the roof can depend on:

Design. If the design is correct, the climatic conditions and features of the operation of the property are taken into account, then the roof will last longer.

Construction organization qualification. Carrying out all work in accordance with established standards is important for the longevity of the roof covering.

The quality of building materials;

Timely service.

The absence of only one last point can seriously shorten the life of the roof and cause frequent major repairs. At the same time, annoying leaks may appear in the intervals between repairs, which interfere with the normal operation of the building.

What is roof maintenance?

Maintenance is, first of all, a set of measures aimed at keeping the roof in good condition. This includes timely inspections, and prevention of deterioration of the roof, and the elimination of other possible damage.

The specialists of the gutter installation Malaysia company carry out a technical inspection of the roof with diagnostics of the health of the supporting structures, measuring the temperature and humidity conditions, carrying out repair work if necessary, as well as carrying out a number of preventive works.

Regular performance of these works allows the customer not to waste time, effort, and money on self-repair. At the same time, the risks of bringing the roof to a deplorable state are sharply reduced, as are the costs of caring for the roofing.

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