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Women seemingly play an important role in gambling especially in casinos. Every movie (may it be Western, Asian or European) with a casino scene will always show a beautiful woman beside the player. The beautiful woman is likely to bring luck to the player. Another thing, most dealers are attractive young women. Only few casinos hire male dealers.

Why is this so? Because women are considered the best bet. If a player sees a young beautiful lady standing in front of the table, it may make him feel comfortable. The player can even draw inspiration from the lady dealer. Although there are also women players but it looks like the gambling industry is male-dominated.

However, there was an article published in the UK about the participation and role of women in gambling. Names like Lydia Barbara (from Microgaming, head of innovation strategy), Ebba Arnred (Playin’ GO’s chief marketing officer) and Vanessa Selbst (poker player considered top-earner of all time), surfaced. In 2007, Barbara Enright became the first woman delegated into Poker Hall of Fame.

The participation and recognition of these individuals   may change the perception about the role of women in the gambling world. But this does not give an end to the issue of gender gap. The presence or use of women in gambling may be a simple entertainment or motivation for some people. Others may see these women as satisfied individuals.

However, from a feminist perspective this may mean putting these women in a hostile situation. This can eventually affect the psychological and emotional state of the person. The impact may be long term as well. These women may feign happiness and satisfaction. But the real feeling may be bothersome. This is already an old cliché, women in the gambling industry may be seen as sex objects or can be subject for desires. 

Some countries do not have clear laws on sexual harassment. Good thing in the UK lawmakers urge gambling regulators to address the issue of sexism in the gambling industry. There were case studies and researches conducted in the past about sexual harassment in workplaces. This included female dealers in the casinos.

These female employees are sometimes compelled to turn a blind eye on the situation as they are not willing to quit their jobs. One of the studies revealed that young female Caucasians were mostly victims of sexual harassment in the gambling world. 

Why does the gambling industry always include women in the business? How do females affect the mindset of the players? This is evident for both online and land based casino. If you check most online casinos you would notice female models either in the backdrop or the main screen of the online advertisement.

A good example for this is the online casino in Malaysia. The sites have female faces and even use female avatars as part of their marketing strategy. Aside from the striking colors of the sites, the presence of women is always one of the ways to attract and convince gamblers and players.

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