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With the threat of COVID-19 still present in our society, people are forced to stay at home working and being bored without being able to go to shopping malls to find entertainment without an end in sight in the near future as the virus continues to mutates.. As many workers are stuck at home, their work efficiency decreases due to being unable to receive instant replies from their coworkers which could hinder their progress while some workers are let go by their companies due to being unable to have enough money to pay all of their employees as the country’s economy degenerates. For some people, they are able to create a business through social media as most people are using social media as one of their main pastimes while earning income while some are not capable of earning income due to old age or underage. While browsing through social media, some might get approached by strangers who offer them a business opportunity to get reach in a short amount of time, even promising that they would be able to buy themselves a two story bungalow and a lamborghini. 

This business is called multi-level marketing or MLM, a marketing strategy used by some of the major MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife and Tupperware which involves these companies to recruit a distributor who will then sell their products and get paid according to the sale they made. Distributors are also able to recruit more people to work for them in order to generate more income as the more they successfully sell their products, the more income the distributor generates. However, with so many people to keep track of, how are they gonna communicate and keep each other updated on their current situations? 

That’s where multi level marketing software demo, or MLM software, comes in; a software that helps MLM companies to manage their business more effectively  With various features such as customizable HUD, UI and a platform for communication,  both company and distributors are able to communicate with each other with ease while being able to upload their documents to keep each other updated in real time.Companies would also have easy access to reports made by their distributors through these softwares which allows the higher-ups in MLM companies to process information more quickly and create more strategies to achieve their ideal outcomes. Additionally, the ability to customize the software helps them to easily identify their distributors in an instant.

As more people are stuck at home for longer periods of time, they continue to struggle financially and are becoming more desperate to search for a means to generate income which gives MLM companies more opportunity to fool naive people into their scheme. Therefore, businessmen and victims who fell for their schemes have banded together to fight against their schemes by educating people throughout various social media platforms to warn others about the dangers of MLM and possibly kill the entire MLM industry to prevent more victims from falling for their schemes especially during their most vulnerable moments.

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