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Your marriage has been on the rocks for the last months now. But despite the present situation, divorce is not an option for you, unfortunately, your partner does not share the same feelings as he has already hinted a number of times that it might be better for the both of you to go on your separate ways. You are definitely against the idea as you are still hopeful that the marriage will still be patched up. 

You believe that because you still love him, and you also feel that he still cares for you, there is still hope for the both of you to live happily ever after. But what should you do when for your partner; divorce is the best solution for your current situation? Can you do something to change his mind? Well, of course you still can and you might even succeed. There is no harm in trying.

Though, every situation might be different, but these following steps could be of help whatever situation you are currently in:

  • If you notice that your partner is starting to have negative thoughts about your marriage, there is a chance that he is just fishing your thoughts. It could be that he just wants you to know that he is already neglected and want to attract attention. But again, there is also a chance that he really meant every word. He could be expecting you to contradict him and ask why he is thinking that way or for you to make him feel otherwise. The thing is, if you really want to save your marriage, don’t let him know that. Instead, agree to whatever he will say. Disagreeing with him will only make him hold on more to his ideas. Besides, if he is really determined with that thought, fighting against him cannot alter his decision. So, simply agree and act as if you really meant it like look convincing, then don’t say much.
  • After that, act okay. You don’t have to make him believe that you are elated, but just act okay about the situation. Don’t let him see either that you are silently broken. Just get on with your life as if he is not there anymore. He could start talking to lawyers and if he will purposely display his activity to you, then chances are he wants you to stop him. But of course do not do that. Just pretend you did not notice. Prepare yourself though as he might really be determined. You can also start talking to divorce lawyers secretly. One thing you can’t do is making him feel that he will become less of a man if he will change his mind of divorcing you as he might really get on with the divorce out of pride.

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