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We are still in the world of working from home. Some of us have developed a taste for it while others struggle to get used to it. Working from home has taken quite some time for most of us to figure out. It is about juggling work with your own home time. And that means you deal with kids, neighbors, crappy internet, loud noises, and numerous distractions while at work. Sometimes, investing in a good Time Fibre internet package might be all it takes to fix your problems. But sometimes, it gets a lot more complicated than that. 

Change starts within ourselves. There are some things we should do and should not do to feel better. Our process of making work from home a positive experience is a mindset and a sprinkle of effort (Lot of effort). So what are some things we should definitely not do while we are working from home?

  1. Making Your Bed Your Office 

Our biggest mistake is when we deem ourselves too lazy to get out of our bad. Your bed is your sanctuary for relaxation. It is your place to Netflix, sleep, and rest. It is not your place for office deadlines and writing tasks or even creating your brand logo. Your office should not be under your duvets. Your bed can distract you from your work. While we expect our distraction to be the neighbor’s loud music, it really is not. It is your very inviting bed demotivating you from work. 

Not having a designated workspace can have multiple effects. First of all, it can cause a decrease in your work performance. The efficiency and quality of your work simply are not the same as while at the office. We are trying to minimize the gap in the quality at the office versus the home. Another impact of not having a designated office is the lack of motivation. Having a specific place decorated like it is our office is all it needs to transport us into an officeenvironment. Have a specific corner of your living room or your bedroom and spruce it up with a work desk, comfortable chair, some candles and a coaster, and a mug for your hot cup of coffee. 

  1. Forgetting To Write Down Your Daily Tasks 

It is easy to lose track of what your daily tasks are. Especially when you are home. Your daily tasks at home include prepping meals to watching kids AND working. It is important to keep track of what you have to do for work. Do you have to send out 100 shipments? Write it down. Do you have to tweak the new logo for a client? Write that down as well. Writing will help us accomplish our tasks faster and more productively. 

  1. Taking Too Many breaks Or Too Less

The sad thing about work from home is, there is no one to supervise us. But that is also the good news. Sometimes we work better when we are self-reliant and self-sufficient. The only problem is, we forget to keep track of the break hours we take. We don’t have the pressure to come back at a specific time from a break. You assume you have your whole day to finish work and create a random schedule. This might be effective for a day or two but it will get old quickly. 

  1. Working In Your Pyjamas

Your pajamas are simply not for work. While I am not talking about changing into actual work clothes, I suggest we get a bunch of comfy clothes perfect for work from home. Some comfortable sweatpants with a blouse can also make the change. But the one thing we should not do is staying in our Pj’s to do our work. Again, you are making it way too easy for yourself to lose track of your own work. 

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