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Water-based paints are made from a flexible film former (also known as a copolymer) whose paint has excellent qualities but is less costly than acrylic paint and is about similar in price to styrene-acrylate paint.

Afterwards, there is a wide range of additives that are responsible for the characteristics and quality of the paint, in addition to the range of applications for which it is used. 

These are some examples:

In the case of paint and varnish, a dispersant is a chemical that inhibits the separation of the materials into their basic parts. For better or worse, dispersants are substances that inhibit particles in a composition from sticking to one another. In case of acrylic emulsion malaysia this is important.

The cheapest water-based white paint created from chalk has the necessary properties and is adequate for the use for which it is designed. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two of the highest-quality white pigments currently available on the market today. Fillers such as talc, mica, and calcite are examples of minerals that may include a variety of minerals at the same time.

Specifications in terms of technology

The technical qualities of the paint vary depending on the composition of the paint. These include the following requirements: 1 coat drying rate; covering capacity which is responsible for the consumption of paint; 

  • The type of surface formed is its uniformity
  • PH level – neutral or weakly alkaline
  • Degree of resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Wear resistance
  • Ability to be used at low temperatures.

These features are taken into consideration while selecting LK material for finishing work. The proper option will completely conform with the requirements of usage, endure for a long time, and provide the greatest performance possible under those settings.


When used in an aqueous dispersion, the quality of the material is determined by the copolymer in the dispersion, specifically by one of the five copolymers stated in the paragraph “Composition”:

Versatata is a brand of polyvinyl acetate that also includes styrene butadiene, styrene acrylate, and acrylate.

Consider the following characteristics of water-based paints, which are based on one of them:

Color fades, there is a lack of water resistance, and the product has a limited field of use – it can only be used in rooms with normal humidity, on surfaces that do not need washing with water, and on surfaces that are not exposed to mechanical stress.

The product has strong water resistance, but it is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation; the application is significantly broader, but it is still restricted to interior surfaces;

  • Coating porosity, formation of vapour permeability, resistance to light discoloration, tight adhesion to many surfaces – high adhesion to internal surfaces and some external surfaces as a result of widespread use
  • Coating permeability, formation of vapour permeability, resistance to light discoloration, tight adhesion to many surfaces
  • Acrylic paints have excellent quality qualities that are equivalent to all of the benefits of acrylic paints described above.

Acrylic latex paints made from synthetic rubber – styrene-butadiene – and silicone-based additives provide a number of benefits over traditional acrylic paints.