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School is tiresome sometimes, especially when you are in university studying law. If you have lectures from 8 a.m to 6 p.m, it is hard to find the time to squeeze anything else in. However, you should look into extracurricular activities, even if you don’t have much time. You can find a short activity to do with your friends or classmates on the weekend, instead of spending your time idle, watching TV. There are plenty of reasons for you to join an after school club.

You Meet New People

If you are a freshman in Law, clubs are a great place to meet new people and make new friends. It is easier in a small group from the entire university campus and it is convenient. It is recommended for those who don’t make friends as easily that they can try a club where they can socialise in a small group and get to know people in a comfortable setting. Sometimes lectures make it hard to get to know people as everybody rushes off to their next class before you can even get a word in.

You Get To Learn A Skill

Clubs are a good source of entertainment as well as education. You don’t have to take up a club that is the same as your course. So, experiment and see what you like outside of your degree. You could be a law major, but find yourself enjoy Maths Olympiad. Some universities offer mock trials and mock adjudications. Be one of select members of the panel to give an adjudication decision by earning the skills required. Clubs actually provide an alternative career for many people. So, for instance, people who enjoy photography can hone their skills to professionalism while working on their law degree.

 adjudication decision

They Act As An Outlet

Not every club is supposed to be educational. Some are simply a time to get together and relax or spend some time away from the books. This could be a cross fit club or an art club. Whatever you pick, it is a good outlet, a productive one that acts as a reset or a mental boost for your own health. Doing it a few times a week and participating with like-minded people can offer you stress relief when you need it. A change of scenery from the bleak lecture halls may be just what you need to get through the semester.

They Look Good On Your CV 

Having extracurricular activities listed on your CV is always impressive to employers and scouts. It shows that you are not only school-oriented or book smart. You come off as an all-rounded individual; one who is dynamic and interesting. The skills you acquire in your club can also come in handy in your career, whether they are related or not. So, get yourself signed up to a club for the semester, and remember to have fun with it.