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The technical aspects of the web design process, such as wireframes, coding, and content management, are frequently on the minds of web designers. But how you incorporate social networking icons or even attractive images is not what makes a design amazing. A website construction procedure that is in line with a broad goal constitutes great design. Some use services like web design Malaysia.

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Websites with excellent design provide much more than simply appearances. Through a range of indications, including graphics, text, and interactions, they draw visitors and aid in the understanding of the product, business, and branding. That implies that each component of your website must contribute to a clear objective.

But how can you create that pleasing fusion of elements? using a comprehensive approach to web design that considers both form and function.

For me, there are seven steps involved in designing a website:

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  • Goal identification: I collaborate with the customer to identify the objectives that the new website must achieve. Specifically, what it does.
  • Once we are aware of the site’s objectives, we can establish the project’s scope. Specifically, what features and web pages are needed for the site to achieve its objective, as well as when they will be built.
  • Creating a sitemap and wireframes: When the scope is clearly established, we can move on to the sitemap and specify how the features and content we described in the scope specification will interact.
  • Visual components: We can begin developing the visual identity after the site design and some content are in place. Depending on the customer, this could already be clearly defined, or you might be developing the visual language from scratch. This approach may be aided by tools like style mosaics, multiple purpose, and element collages.
  • It’s time to test everything now that you’ve created all of your pages and established how the site visitor will see them. To find everything from user experience concerns to basic broken links, combine manual site browsing on a number of devices with automated web crawlers.
  • Launch: Once everything is flawlessly functioning, it is time to organize and carry out your website launch! This should involve scheduling your debut and developing your communication plans, i.e., when will you launch and how will you inform the public? Then it’s time to open the champagne.


Don’t expect everything to go smoothly. It’s possible that some things still need to be fixed. Web design is a dynamic, continuing process that needs regular upkeep. That’s why some people still use web design malaysia for help. 

The key to successful web design, and design in general, is striking the proper balance between shape and structure. You must choose the appropriate fonts, colors, and design elements. However, how visitors use and interact with your website matters just as much. It’s important to keep in mind that the launch stage is far from the conclusion of the task. The web’s beauty is that it is never completed.

What does your procedure entail?

Does your design process like mine, or is it vastly different? Please leave a comment below and tell us everything about it.