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Pandan Jaya

Are you someone who is looking for a low cost? Why worry when you have Edgeprop.my by your side. Edgeprop.my is known as an online and phone application which we call an app that can be installed in order to search your dream house anywhere and anytime. Edgeprop also lists down houses and properties that have been enlisted to be let or to be sold by its owner. And the best part of this application is that you can talk to a real estate agent by visiting its official website or by just using its application. 

Pandan Jaya

And with that being said, today I am going to suggest one place in Kuala Lumpur, where your living cost is going to be affordable. With further ado, let’s dive in, the location that I am going to discuss with all of my readers today, is about the Pandan Jaya. Pandan Jaya is actually situated in Kuala Lumpur and this place is quite near to the city itself. But how come the price can be affordable? Well that’s what we are going to talk about and how Edgeprop is going to help all of us. 

But before that, a brief introduction of Pandan Jaya. Pandan jaya is situated in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur at Malaysia. This district shares its place among the Kuala Lumpur territory with another three districts which are Taman Cempaka, Pandan Indah, and Taman Maluri. These three districts share its place with Pandan Jaya. There are, in fact, some interesting places that you can look up into. The first place is the Ampang Jaya Municipal Park which is situated at Jalan Pandan Utama. This place is actually a big park built by the district councilor to ensure the well-being of the residence in terms of fitness. And if you are someone who is more likely to be a fitness person, then this place would be the ideal location to start looking out for. 

Moreover, the Pandan Jaya also has a MRT and LRT train station for public transportation purposes. And with that being said, if you are someone who is planning on saving money, then I think Pandan Jaya would be the ideal for you. Why? Because of the public transportation that is very similar near to your residential area, then this is a great opportunity to start to save your money for your future or maybe even start to invest your money for your future. But in a simpler word, you will be able to save money and there won’t be need for any own transportation when you have a train station that would do the work for you. 

Pandan Jaya

Furthermore, when it comes to real estate properties such as houses, condominiums and apartments, Pandan Jaya sure does have a reasonable price to offer and with the help of Edgeprop itself, tenants are now able to look for their preferred house through this application by filtering your estimated budget by placing your desired location. This app will help you sort out the house that you need with your estimated budget and the best part is, you don’t need to hassle in going in person to check out the property. Because, Edgeprop.my has your work cut out for you.