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The secret to achieving our body’s wellness is consistency. Our body won’t become unwell easily if we consistently exercise each day, follow a nutritious diet, and get adequate sleep. It will be really challenging to adjust to it for the first time. To apply something new into a habit, there is a particular technique that involves doing it nonstop for 21 days. In the event that you don’t follow the “pattern of maintaining a healthy physique” throughout time.

The definition of health is a stable or general condition in the body and soul coordination system of humans or other living things on a normal average. In connection with the health body, it is often referred to as physical health, that is, if the coordination of the organs of the human body or other living things is in a stable or normal state. While spiritual health is the health of the soul of humans or living beings who have reason and mind, if a person has coordination of mind and heart that is calm and comfortable at that time. WHO divides health into six categories, including:

  • Physical Health

A human being with clear skin, radiant eyes, nicely coiffed hair, clean clothes, muscled, not obese, no foul breath, a decent appetite, a good night’s sleep, agility, and all physiological advantages is the primary indicator of physical health.

  • Mental Health

The phrase Men Sana In Corpore Sano, which translates to “a healthy soul is in a healthy body,” always links mental and physical health. Examples of people who have a healthy mentality are:

  • Always be Happy

Always feel happy with what is in him, never regret and feel sorry for himself, always happy, enjoy and fun and there are no signs of psychological conflict. Can get along well and can accept criticism and not easily offended and angry, always understanding and tolerant of the emotional needs of others.

  • Self Control

able to maintain his composure, not readily moved by emotions, not easily scared, envious, or disliked, and able to handle situations with care and wisdom.

  • Social welfare

The limitations of social welfare in each region or nation are challenging to quantify and mostly depend on the local population’s culture, prosperity level, and way of life. Social welfare, in its most basic definition, refers to a way of life that includes enough food, clothing, and shelter as well as feelings of security, serenity, and prosperity. A rich population constantly respects the needs of others and the demands of the general community, and they live in order.

  • Spiritual Health

Every person needs to get official or informal education, opportunities for vacations, the chance to listen to music and songs, spiritual showers like religious talks, and other things to maintain a dynamic and not static mental health. From the explanation above, it has been explained how and what is the importance of health. For when we are in college, the medical department opens up many opportunities for work, because health is important so we need competent doctors to examine and look after their patients. RCSI UCD Malaysia Campus has opened Study Biomedical degrees in Malaysia, and there is no doubt that our teaching methods and graduates are top people.