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Many businesses notwithstanding their scales have significantly shifted their sole attention and altered their venture to fit the interests of the younger community. The reason being they are the ones holding the utmost purchasing power with their somewhat materialistic attributes. Many brands see the advantage to target them as their intended market and start labelling them as cash cows. Having said that, it is crucial for businesses to apprehend that targeting youth and targeting the older generation are two different tasks that require a distinct approach. As a matter of fact, the younger generation seeks satisfaction in keeping up with trends. In order to market your brand to them in such ways that capture their heart and attention, businesses must also follow the footsteps of these youngsters. Suppose you are holding one venture targeting the youths as the intended market, here are some tips and tricks that will do wonders. 

digital agency Kuala Lumpur

Accelerate Your Digital Push 

The majority owns a minimum of one mobile device in this very day of technology advancement with adequate proficiency in deploying these devices to get their daily endeavours completed. Need not mention about the younger community, they are born digital technology geeks with full competency in avail themselves of their smartphones and laptops at their best, even better than their elderly. Thereby, businesses who wish to resonate well with their younger market should consider digital marketing as their main focus to cultivating meaningful bonds with them. This can be done in various methods. 

First and foremost, gather employees in your company who are comparatively familiar with the usage of social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, so on and so forth to scrutinize the younger base is currently following. Once your social media team has successfully pinpointed the events which have been made viral amongst youth, create authentic content out of it. By way of example, suppose sexual harassment month is what is commonly being incorporated in the discussion, jump on board and give your own opinion about this very significant event celebrated across the globe. Giving your own viewpoints with regards to a particular event does not mean you are exploiting this phenomenon in which many victims struggled with as a way to gain exposure, do not let anybody tell you otherwise. Most importantly, when creating content, your social media squad must be highly sensitive when it comes to discussing rather controversial topics like sexual assault, religion, races, so on and so forth in which will bring about conflict if viewpoints are not expressed positively. One thing about the younger generation is that they see the need to look for flaws when there are none, you are therefore advised to be highly vigilant of the words and arguments you incorporate when expressing your thoughts. They may be fairly materialistic for businesses to target as cash cows, they may not be the easiest group of consumers to please, almost everything offends them in a way. However, this does not mean you should exclude them from your venture, but to find a balance that will prompt them to purchase your goods and services but not triggering their inner critic.

Suppose you are looking for a team of external sources to assign this very mission to, you want to check out a digital agency Kuala Lumpur that are equipped with experts to join forces in creating magic that works. 


The younger community puts significance into forging an engaging space where information and feedback correspond. The social media platform available today is advanced enough to help overcome geographical barriers thus allowing individuals in distinct locales to maintain sturdy relationships and connections. Not only that, there are multiple engaging features available for usage. Taking Instagram as an instance, you are anticipated to stumble upon features like live-stream, polls, question and answer that will cultivate meaningful bonds between the creators and the audiences themselves. Youth does not want to be a passive information receiver, they have long demanded participation in whatever that is transpiring in order for their thoughts and feelings to be heard. As a business targeting them as your intended market, you are obliged to cover this demand of theirs prior to prompting call-to-action. 

To do this, your social media team should frequently conduct a live stream to be able to interact with your following base. If you are clueless on what to talk about on the live stream to make it as interesting to viewers as possible, you can always market your goods and services, and also remember to make it as engaging as possible. The reason being you are not just doing a market presence, you are talking to your prospective customers about your goods and services whilst taking into account their presence. While they send in their comments, read and respond to them, to let them know that their presence is highly appreciated. You may also talk to them about your day to make it more casual and relatable as if you are interacting with a friend. Give them a reason to trust and be close to you before prompting them to do you a favour. The younger generation today does not buy because they need to, they buy because they think you deserve their support. 

Bottom Line

Social media platforms are basically the second home to youth in which they spend most of their time in a day. Not only do you get to effectively forge bonds with them to create resonance, but it also saves you from spending on other advertising features that could easily cost you an arm and a leg. They may not be the easiest of markets to target when it comes to pleasing them, but when you start getting the hang of it, their contribution will not disappoint you. Rather, they will help bring in more business via their powerful word-of-mouth. If you have yet to consider digital marketing as a potential marketing tool, you should now.