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Hotel KIOSK System Malaysia

What is the KIOSK system? 

It has become a technological world and people are largely benefitting from things that are created with high-level technology. Have you ever heard of the KIOSK system? But surely you have used it somewhere even without knowing what it is. KIOSK is a tech system with a small standing booth-like screen. It can be found in malls, some fast-food restaurants, and hotels. So what is the purpose of it? The purpose of this screen is to give all types of information about the particular place that screen is placed. It works as a technological ‘receptionist’ who knows every information of the place. Including informative KIOSK there are many more KIOSK booths with different purposes. 

Hotel KIOSK System Malaysia

The informative KIOSK

The purpose of informative KIOSK is to provide information for the consumers who use the system. The informative KIOSK needs to give accurate and detailed information to the customers till the service satisfies them. The information will be based on the place it has been located. This type of informative KIOSK can usually be seen at shopping malls for directory purposes, governmental places for printing out important documents such as details about any locations, medical organizations to provide general healthcare information, and many more.   

KIOSK with internet 

This type of KIOSK booth will allow people to access the internet for their own purposes. For instance, some fun KIOSK at shopping malls will be placed to print out any pictures you need by browsing into your Instagram. These types of KIOSKS can be both free or paid services. The free KIOSK may ask for your personal information or social media accounts, which is a part of the marketing. In case of any errors, some KIOSK will repair by itself by restarting the device. This type of KIOSK is considered a well-built system. In some cases, it will notify the techie and they will repair it immediately. 

The Self-service KIOSK system

The self-service KIOSK as per the name, people can use without anybody else’s service or help. This is the common type of KIOSK that can be seen especially at fast-food restaurants. This will enable people to answer their queries about the place. This type of KIOSK can be frequently seen in the places like hotels in Malaysia where they will use the Hotel KIOSK System in Malaysia. For example, the KIOSK System at hotels will give you information on the prices and availability of the rooms. The ticket machine, vending machine, and payment reload machine at train stations come under self-service KIOSK.

The advertisement KIOSK

It is the most common KIOSK system that can be seen anywhere. This KIOSK can be called a digital signage system. This small booth with a screen will display their advertisements on the designated KIOSK. This can be seen near the products at shopping malls. The purpose of this is to attract the audience’s attention and make them buy the products that have been shown on the screen. Sometimes advertisements can be in the forms of messages or with digital images.