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Kuala Lumpur is one of the world’s most populous cities, with a population that is growing by the year. According to estimates from the Malaysian Department of Statistics, the population is expected to grow by 100,000 by the end of the fourth quarter of 2022. Given that eating is one of the most basic human requirements, numerous demands are growing. However, it is frequently seen that they do not consume it completely. As a result, the remainder of the meal is discarded. The previous item will not end up in the garbage, but there is another step that people in the food waste disposal service in Malaysia will carry out.

Is It Dangerous?

Food waste is specified as a less harmful sort of waste. Although not harmful, the amount of garbage produced is enormous. Food waste decomposition has the ability to damage the ecosystem and threaten all living things. As a result, food waste disposal cannot be done in this manner.

Creating a Treasure out of Food Waste

Food waste recycling can directly minimize the amount of waste thrown in landfills. Furthermore, food waste in the apartment complex can be composted utilizing composting equipment. In general, Malaysia’s food waste disposal service performs numerous functions that might be employed in food waste disposal service in Malaysia. Among the activities carried out are:

  • Food for animals

Various animals, including pets and cattle, can consume discarded human food. However, not all human food waste is safe for consumption by animals. Traditionally, chickens and other poultry are released around regions of newly harvested land and grain mill buildings in search of anything appetizing.

  • Compost

If household garbage is treated effectively, the waste created by every house has greater value and function. One of these is wet waste, such as food scraps, which can be composted. You not only become more efficient, but you also contribute to environmental preservation. Furthermore, it is quite simple to create.

Cooking oil is one sort of food waste that has a high volume. Essentially, leftover cooking oil can still be recycled and repurposed. One method is to create biodiesel energy sources. Furthermore, cooking oil and food waste can be processed by manufacturing soap and cosmetics.

This type of waste treatment obviously necessitates a significant amount of effort. It requires specialized equipment and specialists to manage. Unfortunately, many business actors see this as a waste of time. In fact, when considering the long-term impact, good waste management may be viewed as an investment that will also benefit the future sustainability of the organization. For business actors and housewives who don’t want to deal with waste, now there is a food waste disposal service in Malaysia that can help firms manage their food waste.


Finally, once the kitchen trash has been disposed of, the soil layer will break down and create greenhouse gasses that are more effective at absorbing carbon dioxide. We can lower our carbon footprint, capture renewable energy, and restore important nutrients to the soil by diverting kitchen and food waste from landfills.