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home cooked food
home cooked food

reusable ecological food packaging is packaging which as the name suggests can be recycled and used as many times as possible. This type of food packaging is increasingly popular because it has a low impact on the environment. In addition to that, it is economical. There are more and more manufacturers of ecological food packaging. If you want to make the right choice of reusable eco-friendly food packaging, there are some factors that you should take into account. We’re also making it easier for you by bringing you the best reusable eco-friendly food packaging in 2021.

Reusable eco-friendly beeswax food packaging

The reusable eco-friendly beeswax food wrap is made from organic cotton fabric. It is therefore an environmentally friendly packaging that is made without plastic. In addition, this beeswax wrapper is also recyclable because it is made from biodegradable cellulose and 100% recycled paper. It is also possible to use this eco-friendly food packaging repeatedly. This will allow you to save money while playing a role in protecting the environment.

In addition, this reusable food packaging is very easy to use. All you have to do is put the food there and then store it in the refrigerator. Also, cleaning this ecological packaging is very quick and easy . It should be cleaned with water and air dried. This ecological food packaging allows you to preserve various foods such as cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits, etc.

The eco-friendly reusable beeswax food wrap roll

The reusable eco-friendly beeswax food packaging roll has a dimension of 100 x 33 cm. It is ideal for wrapping sandwiches, leftovers as well as snacks. This eco-friendly food wrap is made from waxed bee wrap paper. This makes it a food packaging that respects the environment and the planet. In addition, this reusable food packaging is very strong and resistant. Because this beeswax envelope comes from a mixture of jojoba oils, organic cotton fibers and tree resin.

It therefore ensures better preservation of food. Besides cooking, this eco-friendly food packaging can also be useful on your travels or hikes to transport your food. It allows you to keep your food products cool , to keep dinner leftovers as well as children’s lunches. It is also easy to wash and reusable several times a day.

home cooked food

How to choose reusable ecological food packaging?

Environmental protection, economical, solid, customizable… The advantages of reusable ecological food packaging are numerous. But the most important thing is to choose the right model in the face of the wide variety of packaging that we find on the market today. For this, there are several criteria that you must take into account.

The label and the different certifications

This is the most important criterion for choosing reusable ecological food packaging. Indeed, thanks to the label, you will be able to know if your food packaging is ecological or not. It will therefore be necessary to verify, for example, that the Ecolabel label is marked on the reusable ecological food packaging. This label makes it possible to determine the ecological impact of the packaging as well as its effectiveness. Ok Biobased is also a label that ensures that the packaging has been made from renewable raw materials. Ok Biodegradable Sol is also a label which indicates that the packaging is 90% biodegradable in the soil in 2 years.

The material of manufacture

Several materials are used in the manufacture of reusable ecological food packaging. Glass: This food packaging is 100% recyclable. This is a great choice to make. But the concern with reusable glass eco-friendly food packaging is that it is not easy to process. On top of that, its cost is high. Vegetable plastic: It is not to be confused with polluting plastic. Unlike the latter, it is made with materials of natural origin. Paper: This material is also recyclable and can be used for composting.

The type of food to transport

This is one of the essential criteria to make a wise choice. To choose the right reusable ecological food packaging, it is absolutely necessary to take into account the type of products to be transported. Because if you plan to transport meat or fish, you will not make the same choice as if you have to transport fruit or vegetables. Otherwise, the food packaging may not adequately meet your expectations. Once you have determined the type of food to transport, it will be easier for you to choose the reusable organic food packaging that is right for you.

The capacity

Another important element to consider when choosing home cooked food is the capacity of the reusable eco-friendly food packaging. Because the capacity of the food packaging varies from one model to another. A person who wishes to transport large quantities of food will not make the same choice as another who wishes to transport small quantities. First of all, define the quantity of food to transport before choosing your ecological food packaging. But in general, it is recommended to choose a large size reusable eco-friendly food packaging for extra precautions and to save money.

home cooked food