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diploma dalam pengurusan pelancongan

Early childhood education conceives the child as a being who has special characteristics, his own and who are at a very particular moment of development, that is, he is a biologically unique child and who both psychically and socially also turns out to be different and unrepeatable to the rest of their peers, meanwhile their development is continuous and very fast and therefore the actions aimed at their training must take into account these special aspects.

diploma dalam pengurusan pelancongan

It will be precisely in this cycle that children will learn to communicate, interact and play with their peers, almost for the first time, because one must remember that until that moment children have been under the exclusive guardianship and presence of their parents and their family environment more, Therefore, this new contact, in addition to proposing new rules of behaviour, incorporating new knowledge, will also imply the discovery of new roles. Study at Widad College and get the best help.

Why early childhood education is needed?

Early childhood education proposes the figure of the teacher as the center and point of reference for consultations, demands and even affections, because she, through different activities, will motivate children in the new stage of learning outside the home.

Normally, children are offered different materials so that they can manipulate them and thus through them exercise issues such as language, vocabulary, words, art, music and even social behavior.

Now, any activity that the child carries out in these children’s educational institutes is governed and marked by play, that is, everything is associated with play; It will be treated with this that all activities, the child, perceives them as a game, which is what he is most familiar with and, for example, is the most effective when it comes to conveying learning.

Another pillar on which this type of teaching is currently built is the pedagogy that includes, that is, not excluding anyone and respecting the diversity that the children who participate may present at the cultural, religious, economic or social levels.

Likewise, in recent times, early childhood education has not been alien to the development of new technologies and so much so that computer teaching is an integral part of the cycle, as well as the most widely used foreign languages, such as English, Spanish and French. You can further your studies in tourism management or diploma dalam pengurusan pelancongan if you are into the study of global languages.

Last words

And with regard to the more traditional, always taking play and participation as pillars, what are promoted are activities that help develop manual skills, that assist in recognizing and becoming familiar with one’s own body, with the environment, interacting with everyday elements, develop language, incorporate inclusive social habits and also values ​​such as learning to share and stay away from violence.